Bloodwood Newtown

Something a little different, outside the circle and thats Bloodwood. Fits in perfectly on Newtown’s King Street. While the menu items are a little hit and miss – it is still possible to order right. Although that requires thinking and being more on the inside than outside. Bloodwood experience perhaps. The hits we found were the roasted prawns, miso butter, hiramasa kingfish, coriander, chill and roasted swordfish, mulligatawny.  The wine list is nice on the glass side of things.

We couldn’t pass up the Bloodwood trifle – and on that day it was an early grey port jelly, quince and the required sponge. It was tasty and there were other desserts that would possibly be real stunners too.

Word on the street is that the chefs behind bloodwood came from the fine dining world. Threw in the towel for something fun, relaxed and personality. But that was ten years ago and they are still going strong. Although you can’t book a table, which is sort of a Melbourne thing. You can just rock up in your jeans wait around for a while in the front bar drinking cocktails and wine, while you wait. If the strategy is to ply you with alcohol before dinner, its working. It is a local favourite and has lifted the Newtown food scene.



Sticky fried brisket and heirloom carrots


Bloodwood Trifle


Address 416 king st. newtown, 9557 7699,

Open Lunch Sat-Sun 12pm; dinner 7 days 5pm.

Best Roasted prawns, miso butter

Worst Chickpea pancake, zucchini, dukkah, kale, persian feta




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