Lets get social, Kensington St Social

Down a brand spanking new street in Chippendale is a line up of restaurants that are hard to beat – Automata and Kensington Street Social.

So its a Jason Atherton, bit of a London heavy weight from his Gordon Ramsay affiliation but he has left his mark with easy dishes that are well worth the visit.

The fit out is industrial chic and you don’t need to dress up, your sandals will do. It’s relaxed and easy going. There is a good mix of dining options. Bar food for the super casual, tables around the kitchen to gawk at the 5 chefs whipping up their magic and tables – low and high.

The food speaks for itself and everything is good. Although skip the entrees and head straight for the main. That is where the dishes really pack the punch. The snapper with seaweed mash and muscles have a warm creamy twist and the wagyu with artichoke and beef dashi is simple but just works. The desserts are also out of this world wish basil sorbet pavlova that is awesome to tuck into.

The wine list is great, making it the complete experience. Easy to breeze in and out with top notch food and wine, no wonder it is so popular.








Address 3 Kensington Street, Chippendale (02) 8277 8533 kensingtonstreetsocial.com

Open Lunch 12pm-2pm, Friday — Sunday, Dinner 5:30pm-10pm

Best Wagyu or any main


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