Captivating Capri

A rocky island right off the coast of Naples that is well known for hosting celebrities and well heeled Italians. Capri has a long history of being a holiday destination for the rich starting off with the Roman Emperor Tiberius. You can visit the ruins of the holiday home, Villa Jovis from the Piazzetta – the hub of activity.

Most visitors hop onto a ferry from Naples and in an hour or so you are on the shores of Capri. From there you need to get a cable car ticket on the right, next to the beach, and that will take you up to where all the action is. It is easy to get distracted as there are so many nooks to wonder down and explore, thats half the fun.

A highlight is visiting the blue grotto which is a 150 m sea cave that reflects the blue light through the mediterranean  sea.

There are great restaurants in the Piazzetta, along with all the usual high end designer stores. You can pick your restaurant by the celebrity photographs, you never know when you might want to say that you “ate at the same restaurant as Uma Thurman”.  Anacapri is far more low key are the restaurants are very touristy although cheaper than Capri. But there are a few art galleries and store to visit if you are going to go further afield.

It is a glamorous spot but the locals are friendly and it is worth the price tag, as the food is something quite special.

Also a day is not enough, book yourself a villa on the hill to experience life as the Romans did and enjoy the dream that is Italy.





Capri restaurant



Capri fish monger




Capri Taxi




Beach by the ferry terminal




There are taxis, reliable busses and cable cars to get around. You also want walk around to really experience Capri as driving around its all easy to miss.


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