Sophisticated Sepia

Right in front of your nose in the middle of the city is one find of a restaurant. Dazzling pictures of chocolate forrest floors with frozen berries or other exquisite creations are easy to find of Sepia. It is one of the best restaurants in the world and 84th by the last count. There are rumours of closing up shop and going into a different direction altogether. Chef Martin Benn is incredible keep up with the pressure as it is.

Before Sepia is gone and remains a memory. There are many 20 part dishes to be sipped, sampled and tasted. It is a culinary journey, a feast of the senses. It is something special.

Sepias unique style cuisine is difficult to define but has strong Japanese kaiseki influences.  The amount of rapid fire experiments to consistently plate dishes that are so imaginative is huge no doubt. It is great to sit back, relax and let the show roll on as each dish is more delicious than the previous.


Butter poached pork loin lincoln squid with barley miso-cured egg yolk and wasabi flowers


Sea scallops, macadamia nut cream quail egg umeboshi scallop cracking linara


Charcoal grilled black abalone lip lemon cream asparagus tested quinoa


Wagu beef with mushroom antlers


Roasted aylesbury duck breast lemon aspen sheep yoghurt and apple nasturtium flower vinegar


The pearl fingerlime gingerade



Milk chocolate, coconut yoghurt, rice milk pudding, goat milk dulce de leech, sheep milk sorbet, milk cake, milk crisp yuba

Address 201 Sussex Street Sydney

Open Dinner Tuesday to Saturday and Lunch Friday and Saturday

Best  Impossible to pick, its all magic

Note Don’t eat all day otherwise you will be in a food coma. Advisable to book well in advance and give your dietary requirements that cannot be vegan


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