LuMi lights up

Unexpected ingredients that bring together new fresh flavours that you will want to experience again. LuMi is where Federico Zanellato makes his claim to fame with Italian and Japanese infusion fine dining. The location is a little off the beaten path in one of the glittery wharfs in Pyrmont. With super yachts relaxing on the water right outside the simple but well executed restaurant is easy going but packs a punch with each course.

Delicate, fresh and with unexpected twists and tuns keep you guessing and entertain you with likes pure pleasure – food. All the dishes connect to each other, be it the fennel poles or freeze dried orange. What is refreshing is that the dishes are not too sweet for invariant subscribers to Sara Wilson.

LuMi it truly delightful and easy to breeze in and out of for memorable weekend events.


Snapper, Scallop Emulsion, Radish


Artichoke & Sunflower Dashi


Scialatielli, Eel, Cime di Rapa, Bottarga


Short Rib, Eggplant, Radicchio


Douglas Fir, Blood Orange, Olive Oil

Address 56 Piraña Rd, Pyrmont  +61 2 9571 1999

Open Dinner Wednesday to Sunday and Lunch Friday to Sunday

Best  Scialatielli, Eel, Cime di Rapa, Bottarga


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