The Press Club Awaits

Swinging along the streets of Melbourne and behind the golden gates unlocks the Press Club. It is George Calombaris’s fine dining establishment and had undergone a major transformation over its 10 years of existence. The ceiling is lined with gold organic shaped light fittings with light wood and leather booth seats. It was much smaller but cosier than what I had expected. Its got glamour with the runway decorated with shiney plates of glorious food. Luke Croston’s creations – that is. There isn’t really a reason to move, the waitresses tend to your every need and wonder if they would pick up my dry cleaning too.

The cocktail trolly is something from the 50’s and brought back from the past. They come in pre mixed bottles either the Ice Tea or Mastiha. One has bourbon, pico and peach liquor while the other comes with sour cherry ice along with cherry liqueur. The whole experience is innovative, where dishes integrate so well with each other. Subtle Greek influences with hummus drops but keeping the flavour pumping at each dish. The quality of food is something rear to find outside of top restaurants and even simple Salmon with fennel hits the spot. The masters grow the herbs upstairs on their roof and experiment with flavours in the kitchen below only popping up to greet the guests to receive a shy ‘thank you’. There is a book where you can leave a message for the chefs to read later and I genuinely feel that they want to get to know their diners on a personal level rather than just on a transaction – in typical Greek custom.


Pork neck with carrot


Atlantic Salmon with fennel


Basil sorbet with roasted pineapple


Haloumi with peach



Address 72 Flindlers St, Melbourne 03 9677 9677

Open Dinner Monday to Saturday and Lunch Monday to Saturday

Best Roasted pork neck with carrots


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