A Special Place for Taormina

Europeans have mastered many things over the years, they have had more time than most. While there are many beautiful towns all though out the mediterranean, Taormina is one place that is hard to forget and wanting to return doesn’t quite strop. The reasons are plentiful. Cobbled streets with old rustic churches and weddings spilling onto the streets where there are views of the beaches below and ocean set amongst the green hillside. Sicily is also known for its food. Pasta, cous cous, caprese salad, prosciutto and melon, cold cuts, seafood salad, crudo, to the ever popular parmigiana. Dessert is another story, and the gelato, granita and cannoli’s are the best in the world – all of which are made from the freshest ingredients. It is hard to choose what to have with so many flavours to choose from, that you just have to pick a few.














There are the typical high end retailers, incase you forgot your designer handbag to accompany you down the street. Or your lemon printed Dolce and Gabana dress that looks like the local pottery displayed in almost all of the stores.

In fact, its hard to miss the Moorish pottery heads along the streets. Legend has it that a Sicilian girl fell in love with a Moor merchant but when she found out he already had a wife and children in his homeland she was enraged with jealousy. In her plot to make him stay she decided to cut his head off and use it as a pot for her plants on her balcony. When they bloomed so well others followed to make pots to look like heads and also serve as a warning to never break the heart of a Sicilian girl.

Villa Sant’Andrea has a nice private beach if you are in need of some luxuriating or there are many others also. Other attractions include the Greek theatre and Mr Etna that you can hike around or even catch a helicopter ride to for a new perspective on this force of nature.


You can take a taxi from Messina which is about an hours drive. There are quite a few substantial motorways on the way that make it less remote but take away from the beauty of the town. The beaches are a little tricky to get to but you can take a cable car or funiva. Some hotels also offer a shuttle service as the walk is not that easy.


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Lido La Pigna

Lido Stockholm

lidola Caravella


Villa Sant Andrea

The Ashbee Hotel

San Domenico Palace Hotel

Hotel El Jebe



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