Glam Mykonos, Greece

Don’t be deceived by the names of paradise and super paradise beach. Mykonos is a party playground rather than a tame oasis. Its a place where the rich and famous come to show off. Jackie Onassis started off the craze when she married a shipping tycoon. You don’t have to look to far to see super yachts along the coast, night clubs and exclusive beach clubs. Bring your designer clothing and accessories to give them some air time and enjoy being one amounts the beautiful young things that constantly land and take off.



Namos beach club













There are many beach clubs and the exclusive ones like Namos are around 90 Euros a day for two. There is a bit of a waiting list to get a lounger and booking or arriving early will mean you are on the list. If you don’t want to relax comfortably on the beach there are a few restaurant choices instead. Be sure to bring some cash along to burn.

The main town is also worth a visit. Like many of the Greek islands all the walls and streets are all painted white, apparently to keep the bugs away. It is also extremely windy on the island and the walls were built to keep the residents from being blown away. There are some charming windmills on the hill along with a famous Penguin, Petros.


It is possible to take a local bus but they are not that frequent and the locations are not exact. If you are there for a short time hiring a car or getting a quad bike or scooter will give you the freedom and flexibility to move around as you please. Quad bikes are around 80 Euros a day.


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