Eating Ester

If crowds are anything to go by, getting a table at Ester is one to put on the list. It is home to a wood fired oven, former Billy Kwong head chef Mat Lindsay and a wine list of red, rose, white and orange wine.  Yes, thats right ORANGE and these ones are organic. Which is quite fitting as that is what ester means. A select group of restaurants now offer this type of wine that has its name more from the process of fermentation rather than the location. Most white wines have their skins thrown away but with Orange wine this doesn’t happen leaving an apricot hue and something new to taste.

That really sets the experience at Ester, unique, jaw dropping flavours pumping from the kitchen. Roasted oysters, Crispy squid dumplings, Blood sausage sang, King prawns, Cauliflower with almond sauce, Three milks dessert and left over sourdough ice cream. Having just listed most of the tasting menu the flavours are subtle, earthy and truly delicious which seem to come back to their signature sourdough unexpectedly at times. Why eat the same thing over again when there is so many new dishes to enjoy at Ester.


king prawns, brown butter and capers


steak, roast cream, black garlic and anchovy




three milks, rosemary and olive oil

Address 46-52 meagre stchippendale (02) 8068 8279

Open Dinner Monday to Saturday and Lunch Friday and Sunday

Best Raw kingfish, mandarin and cucumber, prawns, sourdough and three milks dessert


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