Caught in Corfu’s charm

Marked by hundreds of beaches set in azure blue water, Corfu also has a rich history. It is located in a strategic position at the entrance of the Adriatic Sea and has strong Venetian influences from their presence. It is one of the few forts that were’t captured by the Ottoman Empire.



The old town is a maze of Greek cafe’s, restaurants, jewellery stores and all the usual tourist trappings. You can go right and head to the main fort on the top of the hill for great views over the city and then wind back down to look though the squares, ports and yet another fort. There is also a fish market on the far side of the town to get something special for lunch.






Greece has over 13000 km of coastline and a very strong sea culture goes hand in hand. They have a refreshing appreciation for fish. At a restaurant you need to ask what fish they have today, as it varies quite a lot depending on what is caught. Then you need to go to the kitchen to look at the fish and decide which one you want and how you would like it cooked. Its a hands on approach to eating but you can get more of what you like. Its also an an opportunity to choose the best fish. Picking one that smells of the sea, shine eyes and scales, red gills. Don’t choose anything with mushiness, dullness or too brown. A favourite is sea bream cooked over coals with salad, taramasalata and tzatziki. It’s simple food that has so much flavour and that makes it so enjoyable.



Sea Bream that I grabbed quickly at a restaurant and ate on the boat

There are many other places to visit like the small monastery of Vlaherna on the far side of the large island. Stretched out on an narrow wharf on a small island is the seventeenth century architecture with a small courtyard, bell tower and church. The all white monetary teamed with pink flowers and the ocean on all corners is a very special place to watch the world go by, even if the airport runway is right next door. 










The charming streets, monasteries and eateries are not the only reason to visit Corfu. There are over 57 beaches white sand and pebbled beaches to choose from. Paleokastrttsa, Agios Gordios, Glyfada, Myrtiotissa and Nissaki are the most popular and very close to Corfu Town.

Although Corfu can have that party island vibe similar to Ibiza in parts, overall it is a relaxed island with plenty of options to enjoy.



Most visitors hire a car for a few days as there isn’t reliable transport on the island to get around. There are hop on hop off busses to see the main sights for the day or plenty of taxies to get around if you are short on time.


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