In the Mist of Positano

Beneath a misty haze is a pebble beach and some houses on a cliff. Adding the name Positano to this particular location makes it all the more entrancing, probably from your countless friends and acquaintances who have visited and can’t get enough of the place. There’s nothing to disagree with. It has got to the one of the most charming Italian towns with signature cobble stone streets, vines growing across the streets to provide shade from the hot sun and the smell of lemons everywhere. Limoncello, limoncello candles, soap, scrub, pottery, aprons and even granita. It is actually just what you need something light and refreshing to balance out the warm ocean and the heat.










Private transfer from Naples




There are two important things you need to do in Positano and that is to swim in the Mediterranean sea and have a long boozy lunch. The beach is pebbled and is a little uncomfortable to lie down on and there are plenty of loungers to rent. The locals are quick to nab the ocean front beach realestate with their precious rentals which they charge out at 15 euros a day. If you are only after a few hours of beach time you can walk over the hill on the right hand side of the beach where there is a small beach that is a little quieter and secluded.

There are plenty of lunch spots along the main street and also in the glossy hotels lining the bay. If you are after something more high end you need to book well in advance and organise it with the hotel if you are not staying there.


Positano is quite a small town and you can walk to most places quite easily. If you are there  for the day you can organise a private transfer from Naples to drive along the scenic coast and drop you off for the day and pick you up again later on it is usually around 15o Euros each way. Lot of visitors also take the ferry. There is limited parking in Positano if you decide to rent a car and you might need to walk a fat way down from your parking spot as you will be competing with the locals who work there.


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