When in Rome

Rome is one of those cities that is hard to forget, not that you would want to anyway. The streets are filled with restaurants, flowers and plants falling from balconies, saints and natural drinking water flowing from faucets dotted around the monuments. Its has a bit of everything, the history, food and charm. Although in summer it is typically overrun by tourists that doesn’t phase the locals much and it is still quit easy to get around on foot as most of the attractions are around the Spanish Steps.

The words ‘buon giorno’ ‘Ciao’ ‘grazie’ and ‘prego’ can be heard throughout the city as the Italians go about their day with their typical knowing attitude. They can be very friendly to tourists, when it suits them. Pretending to be Italian by making unusual demands with passion could be very entertaining, potentially more so to the locals. You could always start wading in the Trevi fountain like in La Dolce Vita late at night if you run out of ideas.

Either way Rome is a special place that is meant to be experienced not just simply glanced at and photographed.


Trevi Fountain











Local Supermarket



Pick any restaurant in Rome and you will find delicious Italian antipastos, pasta, pizza and desserts. What I love is that a pizza is around 6 Euros and that is a lot cheaper than in other countries and tastes to much better. Even local supermarkets have high quality ingredients at a reasonable price. The Italians are truly spoilt or maybe they have such an abundance of what matters most.



Trevi Fountain


Piazza Navona

Spanish Steps

Altare della Patria


Roma Forum

Walk along river Tiber and all the bridges

St Peters Basilica


Sistine Chapel


The airport is about 20 minutes from the centre of Rome but there is a fast train that runs until midnight for about 15 Euros per person. You need to go up a lift and then along a covered path to get to the building where the trains are. It is a little effort with bags but cheaper than getting a taxi which is around 50 Euros. From Roma Termini you can also get taxi’s to your hotel. Beware of pickpockets when getting your tickets at the pay machines or odd looking people around the station. Rather get out of there quickly to avoid any trouble and get to your hotel.

Temperatures climb in summer months and doing you sightseeing early in the morning will make it more pleasant than dying of heat at noon.



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