If Only Efendy

There are one to two Turkish jems in Sydney and Efendy takes preference. Nestled in a charming villa, the best features still intact like the marble fireplace and historic trees. There is something special about the food. The kataifi pasta wrapped prawn on muhammara or a new kind of hummus that has capsicum and walnuts instead. The fresh hummus with pomegranates and mint or the lamb shoulder tandir on cracked wheat bulgur. The Turkish know how to eat and in style. Opulent silver platters with food on blue printed plates add an eclectic contrast but somehow it all works together.

It is a great experience and something that you could do quite comfortably again. The real test is of course if you can eat with your hands instead of your trusty fork.



Pommegranet and capsicum hummus
Lamb shoulder with efendy salad
Turkish Delight and Turkish Apple Tea


Address 79 ELLIOTT STREET BALMAIN NSW 2041 AUSTRALIA  02 9810 5466 efendy.com.au

Open Dinner Tuesday to Sunday and Lunch Saturday and Sunday

Best  Kataifi prawn, everything.

Worst Haven’t found anything


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