Vivid Lights Up Sydney


The immersive light displays that the Vivid festival puts on each year draws a crowd and this year that crowd was over 1.7 million people. Destination NSW’s drive to put Sydney on the map has illuminated the city and allowed visitors to see the opera house and other icons like the harbour bridge in literally a new light.

It has become much of a gripe with locals as it creeps up each year filling all the trains, walkways and roads fill with people. Although it was better in the early years when you didn’t have to line up to see the lights over customs house as bugs crept over the building, it was suddenly cover in vines and then fell to the ground.

The festival does get bigger every year and now the displays are moving to new locations like Chatswood, on the north side of the bridge.

32 Hundred lighting are the brains behind lighting up the Sydney skyline on such a grand scale – hint, hint, they do smaller events too. Even using imagination to create a James Cameron Avatar like experience in the Botanical gardens with trees that are alive and have unique sounds. The golden arches were a huge hit this year as thousands of little flowers strung over an arch lead the way to the enchanted forrest.

To avoid the crowds the best is to hop on a boat and see the action from the water and if you can brave the thousands of people go early when the lights are turned on at 6pm.

Vivid light festival June 


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