Be seen at Manta


There is a particular crowd that congregates on Woolloomooloo Wharf and they have a penchant for air kissing, posing and donning their designer clothing . The fact that Russell Crow lives almost directly above the building has nothing to do with this, of course.

The names of the glossy eateries change every so often when the designers take charge to give it a new look. Heaven forbid that they will go out of fashion. The latest charm is Manta, where Sally Taylor has created a Hamptons-style restaurant. Fitting with with ocean super yachts within arms reach.

Shell chandlers, metallic walls, rattan chairs, white linen tables and the Sydney skyline in the background create a cozy ambiance that is easy to get used to.

The head chef Daniel Hughes has some delightful sea food on the menu. Squid-ink taglierini which is a dark pasta with prawns, shaved cuttlefish and yabby tails, topped with pangrattato pungent. Raw tasting plate with scallops, bug ceviche and ocean trout belly, crab lasagne – or even the whole roast flounder. The flavours of Tuscany rolled on your plate basically.

Don’t let the seafood blind you from the crown jewel on the Manta menu. That is the steak and the eye fillet in particular. They have some of the best and more reasonably priced eye fillet in Sydney. At $45 a pop it is a little hard to believe, but lets not forget it is one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is a rear chance to get 100% grass fed steak from local farmers that would usually be sold overseas at higher prices.



Address 6 Cowper Wharf Rd, Woolloomooloo, NSW,

Open 12:00pm – 10:00pm

Best Eye Fillet

Worst Sides and crazy ladies drinking alone at the bar



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