Talented Mr. L’Americano


The tree lined streets of Alexandria are being decorated by new eateries every month. The green tiles and matching striped awning for the new arrival, L’americano, stand out to look both European and trendy. L’americano has a natural charm to it. The wooden floors, marble tables and leather chairs are a nod to an old world of luxury. The plates that the Alex Kearns menu are framed within makes you want to take it all home with you. And in fact you can, the back of the restaurant is a furniture store, Coco Republic. It is the ideal hunting ground for beautiful furniture that you can leave in your family to inherit for generations. Chesterfield couches, Ralph Lauren dining tables and chairs along with other pieces are an easy choice but come along with a hefty price tag – $20,000 easy.

I am not sure what I enjoyed most. Being surrounded by such exquisite furniture or dreaming that I could one day fill a home with such pretty things. Either way it is a great little spot for your favourite beverage; if that is tea, coffee or a glass of Prosecco or two.

The food menu has an impressive selection of crostini, antipasto platters and if you are feeling like something on there healthier side, salads. The classy sandwiches and salads are tasty but the ricotta figs really stole the show.

The interior has to be the most impressive aspect of this eatery, and it is ever so convenient that you can stop to luxuriate a little in what has been themed to the tune of the 1955’s novel The Talented Mr. Ripley, in true Italian Riviera style.


Address 34 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria NSW 2015, lamericano.com.au

Open 9:00am – 3:00pm

Best Ricotta, Figs, Honey and Walnuts

Worst Beetroot & Goat’s Curd salad was missing the zucchini, olives and basil


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