An unassuming neighbourhood in the inner west of Sydney is  where sixpenny has its address. It ironic that in such a middle class suburb such simplistic but extraordinary food is being plated in a small but earthy restaurant. Botanical, herbal, unexpected, daring dishes make up the choice of either the small or large menu.

The wine parings make the courses larger than life and it is one of those experiences to remember. The lightly pickled cucumber with rose & raspberry starts off dinner which is akin to a stroll in the Australian native forrest with each installation. Spanish mackerel with radicchio & fermented cucumber makes you rethink how to eat fish and the bitterness is balanced well with the other flavours.

The dessert courses carry through the sweetness in the duck with frozen blackberry and mead vinegar custard. The white peach with native ginger & reduced milk sorbet looks like a bowl of rice but there is more to the dessert than what meets the eye. All the subtle flavours work seamlessly together for what sixpenny is known for, and not surprising for the forma noma chefs, Daniel Puskas, James Parry.


Spanish Mackerel with Radicchio & Fermented Cucumber



Smoked Duck with Witlof & Plum


IMG_3600 (2)

Mead Vinegar Custard with Frozen Blackberry & Strawberry



Address 83 Percival Road, Stanmore, 9572 6666,

Open Lunch Sat-Sun;dinner Wed-Sat.

Best Lightly Pickled Cucumber with Rose & Raspberry.

Worst Missed out on the cookie-jar petits fours.


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