Pristine beaches dotted with tropical palm trees that comes with coconuts and stands where you can have them cut open right in from of you. Sipping fresh coconut water while watching surfers challenge the waves is a perfect way to spend an afternoon in Florianopolis, or Floripa as it is popularly called.

It is a huge island hidden in the south of Brazil and is ‘the’ playground for the well heeled  South Americans. It is easy to see why – with an unrivalled quality of life, safety, food, rolling hills and everything you need for a great holiday.

The water sports are also great fun. Hiring a boat to speed around all the smaller islands and visit unchartered territory is all the more exciting that staying on the beaten path. There are also some hidden beaches to swim to quite easily from your boat.

In typical Brazilian fashion, people eat really late. Eating dinner after nine pm is what most people do. Floripa has an abundance of great restaurants, some of which are right on the beach. Grilled fish, potatoes, pasta, cheese and tomato sauce all make for a feast after a day playing in the surf. Also the Churrasco or Brazilian BBQ is divine. If you rent a holiday home many will come with the  BBQ and all you need is to go to a local butcher for the right meat to roast over coals along with some SKOL beer or caipirinha’s which is a type of mojito unique to Brazil.

The fun doesn’t stop after dinner, Floripa has some of the best night clubs. Hop in a cab and take your pick from Confraria das ArtesEl Divino LoungePoshTaikoCafe de la, MusiquePacha or Vecchio GiorgioBrazilians LOVE to party, don’t be shy to join in. They also love to dress up in sexy dresses with plenty of bling dripping from wrists, ears and shoes. For the men, nice shoes and collared shirts or jackets are always a good idea as some of the clubs have dress codes.

From beach to dinner to club and back again. All the days roll into one for an exiting holiday thats is easy to come back to again in Floripa.

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Surfing tour to get the insiders guide to the best surf spots

Challenge yourself with Kite-surfing lessons

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you never know when that will come in handy

Windsurfing in the Lagoa da Conceição lagoon or on the open ocean at Praia Mole beach.

Sandboarding in the sand dunes near Joaquina beach

Motorcycle tours with rentals located in the Lagoa town center.

Para-gliding off of the cliffs high above Praia Mole beach or off the famous Morro da Lagoa  for views to remember

Snorkeling and diving a short distance off the coast for new perspectives

Boat tours to charming fishing villages inaccessible by car or deserted island paradises

Hiking through lush green forests and near breathtaking cliffs

Yoga and Pilates available on Praia Mole beach

Swimming in deep rocky ravines and caves where natural springs are fed by seasonal waterfalls

Nightlife Concierge so you don’t miss the locals’ best club scene, Samba bars or restaurants or these are a good start; Confraria das ArtesEl Divino LoungePoshTaikoCafe de la, MusiquePacha or Vecchio Giorgio

Shopping Malls for Brazilian bikini’s

Sun Bathing in one of the may beautiful beaches


Dolce Vita Restaurante for seafood and pasta dishes

Nipo Sushi for fresh seafood treats

Antonios for baked seafood perfect after an active day

Ostradamus Bar or seafood, wine and fun

Artesano for tasty pizza


Rent an apartment and bring all your friends for your own piece of paradise

Note: The hotels are not in the best locations on the island


The roads are not great despite the amount of tourists that visit the island each year. Getting to the beaches is not always smooth driving and in peak seasons there is traffic. There are taxis on the island but hiring a car would be a good option also as there isn’t any public transport.

Floripa is safer than São Paulo but crime does exist. Be sure to stay in the main areas in a group rather than going off the beaten track and easily running into trouble.

Most visitors fly into Florianópolis airport but you can also catch a coach from Porto Alegre, Curitiba and São Paulo.


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