Its a little daunting when your big holiday that you have been looking forward to for a almost a year is a few weeks away. Panic often sets in with all the things that you need to get organised before you board the plane.

My golden rule is that if you have these three things you can get by with anything. So if you are running out of your door and you have nothing but your travel visa, then all you need is this.


  2. PHONE


When I travelled through India I failed on all three accounts several times. Leaving my wallet at home and almost missing my flight when going back home to get it. While about to leave the country and forgetting my phone accidentally on the hotel charger all meant a lot of stress. Planning better and putting in simple checks and balances means that most of this can be avoided. Spending those precious holiday hours enjoying your time instead of drama is something to work towards. After all nothing always goest to plan, flights are delayed, mistakes happen and but there are still thing to help avoid things going terribly wrong. Some of this is being responsible and checking all the details like flight times especially the day before incase there are unexpected changes.

Passport, phone and wallet – is a great safety net. There are still some more checks you can do beyond that to be more organised beyond a minimum level. A great place to go a few months before you fly is travellers checklist where you can enter in where you are going, the season and how long. It will automatically generate a list of what you need to bring including any vaccinations that might be needed in tropical places.

Otherwise for the ladies below is a more comprehensive list to skim though to avoid forgetting your toothbrush or smartphone charger.


Its always a great habit to make a list of your favourite things that you like to travel with like your jewellery, socks, pashmina or pillow. That way your essential comforts will be at hand and you will have a more stress free travel experience.


If in doubt remember your, passport, phone and wallet – then you can’t go wrong.



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