Maylasia: Kuala Lumpur Eccentric Fusings

A mix of cultures makes Kuala Lumpur (KL) a vibrant destination fill up on market food and enjoy the surrounds of luxurious hotels. The name originally meant ‘muddy confluence’ from Chinese tin miners, Indian migrants and British colonists to make this spot in the jungle a hive of activity for all.

Stop first at the Batu Caves where you will find a popular Hindi shrine. Be greeted by the deity which stands 42 meters high and covered in gold paint. Climb to the top of the stairs while walking past macaque monkeys who entertain the flowers locals lay out as offerings to their gods.

My favourite restaurant in KL is Rehung by the celebrity chef Ismail Ahamed. You will the testing ground for culinary arts in an affordable and casual setting that locals frequent.


Next on the agenda is usually a shopping trip to KLCC or one of the many malls including the Petronas Towers which were the tallest buildings in the world up until 2004. You will find all the typical high street retailers to add that extra bag, jewellery or piece of clothing to remember your trip. Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Prada and many others are all there to choose from.

The perfect way to wind down from a busy day is to go and have dinner at Marini’s on level 57 of the Petronas Towers. Intertwined in the spectacular view of the bedazzling towers you can enjoy cocktails or your favourite beverage. The Italian restaurant next door also offers a fine dining experience not to be missed. Our starters were presented on a miniature tree to pick off along with a salad with over 12 types of dressings in scientific dropped to make for some fun in experimenting.


The weather in KL is hot and humid, averaging 29 degrees. All the malls and hotels have air-conditioning if it gets too much. You can get around easily in taxi’s and there are also trains but are best avoided during peak times. There is a huge amount of people living in KL and it is not uncommon to be pushed about on the trains with the lack of space. However the airport train to international airport is a dream. There are so many business travellers making their way to the city constantly from this financial centre of Malaysia. You may also like to travel onto Penang, Langkawi and Borneo from there for beaches and tropical surrounds.





The best thing in KL is the affordable luxury hotels and the incredible market foods that make for an easy escape.


Mandarin Oriental for the best hotel in town ($270 pn)

Prince Hotel for a luxury room and everything you could want ($80 pn)

Traders hotel for a central location and a great pool with a skyscraper view ($160 pn)


Try the local markets as that is where the best food is found

Rehung for local flavours

Marino’s for fine dining with a view

SkyBar at the traders hotel for where the jet set mingle looking onto the Petronas Towers


Shopping at KLCC

Batu Caves

Enjoy your hotel


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