Maldives: Breathtaking Beauty

Wrapped in a series of over 1000 ring shaped coral reefs or atolls ,you will find the Maldives. The perfect escape to find rest surrounded by unparalleled beauty. Landing on one of the small islands near the capital Male you are greeted by a stand of one of the many resorts. Its just a boat, sea plane or jump to get to your hotel room.



From there your island resort awaits you. Warm greetings, delicious treats and cocktails are soon to follow. The list of activities include snorkeling, diving, fishing, water sports, yoga, fitness, and indulging in spa treatments. Most of these items on your to do list are a short stroll away and often just in front of you. You can snorkel right off the beach to find amazing tropical fish or completely harmless reef sharks. There are very few poisonous fish and the local guides can steer you clear of any dangers.

After a full day of activity it is time to wind down with some cocktails by the ocean. The light brings up small sharks and sting rays to keep you entertained while you recap on the days events. There is nothing like the peaceful tropical breeze and distant music from the band as you take an evening walk around your small island. We walked around ours completely in 20 minutes.

The fresh seafood is to die for and most memorably flame grilled lobster. There is also a wide variety of foods to choose from including Indian curries, Italian or bistro type dining at your resort.

It is easy to get used to the resort luxuries like outdoor showers, day beds and beach bars. You will be planning to make annual trips back like most of the guests.


Staff are mostly from overseas countries living on the island for a short space of time. Our hosts were from New Zealand so that was a very familiar feeling for being far away from home. Flying in and out is seamless with your every need catered to. That does come with a price tag but worth every cent.



KURUMBA is conveniently located close to the airport and has an about nine restaurants to make your way through along with scuba diving right off the beach ($500 pn)

SIX SENSES for a quick connecting flight and the ultimate island experience with island hopping excursions, water sports and restaurants where you can relax on the waters edge ($1400 pn)

PARK HYATT  for a everything that you would expect from a modern luxury hotel ($1480 pm)

PER AQUUM had an under water restaurant and a wide range of pavilions with your own pool to choose ($1800 pn)

ANANTARA KIHAVAH to be seduced by underwater and above water dining in the utmost luxury. Find privacy and perfect peace in your very own water world ($2600 pn)


Hotels will provide you plenty of drinking water free of charge

Breakfast or half board is typically included in the room rate

Allow around $600 for a return boat or sea plane transfer to your hotel pp

Weather can be really hit or miss and fronts coming off Sri Lanka bring rain to the islands surrounding Male. Staying in the outer islands often has different weather that can be better

There are extra gratuities automatically added to your bill like a 10% service charge, bed tax and so forth

Wi-Fi is patchy and works mostly in hotel reception areas

Male is predominantly Muslim but the resorts are filed with international staff and guests

It is rear to visit other resorts so make sure to pick one that have everything that you are looking for in a beach holiday

Food isn’t cheap and it is really easy to order cocktails, lunches and various dinners. Make sure to check your bill halfway during your stay to avoid any nasty surprises

Staff are used to helping large volumes of guests arrive and catch their outbound flights. They can be relied upon to make sure you don’t miss your flight

Flights to the Maldives are often delayed if coming from India be prepared to allow an extra day or so to get there or even to spend on Male if arriving after 4:30pm


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