Unforgettable Hamilton Island

All you need to bring is your bikini. Hop on a plane for sun, sand, restaurants and the great barrier reef. It is quite possibly the easiest place to have a real vacation.






You are greeted with your name displayed at the airport for your transport to your hotel once you hit the tarmac. The island has a higher number of golf carts than people, out of season. Whizzing around the hills is an easy way to get to all the hot spots.



If you are looking for a place to wine and dine then Hamilton island has some of the highest quality restaurants. What is really nice is that you can charge all your meals and drinks to your hotel in all 13 restaurants so you don’t have to bother about credit cards so much. You can choose to dine near the marina which is laid out like a colonial town or on the other side next to catseye beach for more of a resort feel.

I would recommend spending a night or two at Qualia on the far north of the island. It is really pricey but the experience is definitely worth it. All the villas are set in the bush and makes for the perfect escape. You can stroll down to the pebble beach, relax at the infinity pool or get one of the staff to take you on a boat trip to the surrounding islands for a private beach. This does require an advance booking but they really go out of their way to exceed all your expectations.




There are some perfect spots to watch the sun go down like one tree hill. It can get really busy with all the guests making their way up there with picnic baskets and wine.


Hamilton island really comes to life during race week. This is one of the largest yacht regattas in Australia and draws a very high profile crowd. There are plenty of off shore events to go to and it is a great way to meet new people. They are located though out the island they make a special effort to create something memorable like having trivia questions or celebrities to be the MC.


There are countless tours in the area and the crown jewel would be Whitehaven beach. The perfectly white sand is volcanic and when you are dropped on the beach you can go on a 30 min walk to the top for one killer view. Then head down for some shy manta rays, swimming and undoubtedly photographs to keep the memory alive.

There are countless activities like bush walking, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, paddle boarding, tennis and golf. It is the perfect way to try something new. The golf course is on its own island and has a great restaurant, which is worth the trip even if you don’t have any intentions of playing.

Catseye beach is home to local turtles who are best seen just before sunset. There are tour groups you can join or if you are particularly adventurous then you can suit up in your fins and snorkels and head out from the beach. There are life guards on the beach if you get into trouble, so its perfectly safe.





Qualia for ultimate luxury ($1050pn)

Yacht Club Villas are the next best luxury ($980pn)

Rent your own holiday home if there are more than two of you ($220pn)

Reef View Hotel is really popular and convenient ($390pn)

Palm Bungalow’s are perfect if you are planning to be out all the time ($390pn)


Roamanos for high quality Italian delights on the marina

Bommie restaurant is not to be missed for fine dining

Mariners is perfect to celebrate something special without braking the bank

Coca Chu for casual south east asian food full of life

Manta Ray for casual snacks and meals


Its easy to get a flight on Jet Star

Hire a golf buggy from your hotel

There is a free shuttle bus to avoid climbing up the hills


Sneak peak of what is happening here

Race week events

Whitehaven beach tours


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