Tripomatic allows you to see hotels, tours, car hire all in one user friendly map. The site is pretty quick so you can save time by having all the information you need in one place. You can get a pretty good idea of what a particular place offers from this overview tool. There are also some handy details like opening hours of museums, entry fees and so forth.

Trover ideal for trip inspiration and the suggestions come from other travelers. There pictures to highlight what you will be posting on social media if you visit.

TripIt is the best app for keeping all of your travel plans organized and in one place. It takes that huge confusion of confirmation and reservation emails and organizes them into one giant itinerary that you can access from anywhere. Makes navigating our travel plans and finding the reservation number or address of our hostel super easy.

Rome2Rio is  for figuring out how you can get from point A to B easily.  It shows you all the different options so you can pick the best one. That might just be the cheapest depending on weather you have a generous budget. It is really useful for figuring out tricky connections and if it is even possible to go a particular route.

Google Maps & Pocket Earth  are perfect for getting around, especially if you are lost. Pocket Earth is downloadable to use whole maps offline while you’re walking around. There also some handy travel guides.

Around Me shows you where toilets, money exchanges, restaurants, trains, busesor points of interest are in relation to where you are standing.

Gate Guru offers flight information if your flight is delayed or has changed gates. Instead of having to constantly check the monitors or listen to the loudspeaker you can have the information in font of you. It is also useful to navigate the airport to find a nice cafe, the shop you are looking for to get that covered item duty free or even lounges.


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