Johannesburg, where the aristocrats of fun rule.

Where locals call Jozzie, short for Johannesburg. We call danger, somewhere I can’t go.  It is the golden eye of Africa and if you think that you can never have enough gold, think again.

This city of gold was literally built on a gold rush. If you want to experience an incredible lifestyle for a few days all you need to do is go out in daylight, pack away your jewels, keep your wits about you and you’ll be fine.



There is a Gautrain that you can hop on straight from the airport and takes you into Sandton. This is central place to stay and close to a lot of the restaurants, markets and shops. That is where the safe public transport really stops and it is far more convenient to have your own car. If you want to go all out you can hire a luxury car from the airport to take you to your hotel or even use Uber to get around.





You will find a fast, edgy and hip city that has so much more to offer than cities like Cape Town. It is always evolving each time I visit, I can hardly recognise the streets. I would definitely spend a few days to luxuriate by the pool have long lunches, stroll around the shops and discover new and surprising things. Having a Country Road in the Woolworths food store is one. The quality of food, stores and clothing is unexpectedly high and the experience is truly in class of its own. There are  local designers with stylish jewelry and fashion to find. They are always a perfect reminder of your trip.

There are many restaurants that you can visit at night, some are in converted warehouses that urban royals frequent. There is a great abundance of choice even to keep the most seasoned South African entertained.

It is easy to fly to other parts of Africa like Singita wildlife reserves from Johannesburg but be sure not to miss the African sophistication in the main city. It’s really something special.




Rent an affordable palatial home for the week at the Forrest Sandown Estate ($100pn)

The Capital Moloko for a quiet abode but near to where you want to be ($134pn)

Four Seasons for ultimate luxury and a truly enjoyable stay ($400pn)

The Michelangelo Hotel for convenient luxury in Sandton ($350pn)

Palazzo Montecasino Hotel for luxury a little out of the way ($350pn)

Note: Rates are approximate only in AUD. October to December is a good time to visit as the rain has fallen and everything is green and it isn’t very hot yet.


For spots to watch the sun go down head to Sir James VDM

Japanese crusine is popular is Johannesburg and koi is a favourie

Five Hundered is the best restaurant and Nelson Mandela’s book was smuggled to this location to be edited has nothing to do with that

Affordable fine dining visit DW Eleven with no compromise to taste or flavour

Ridiculously great wine visit Ace + Pearl 

For more restaurant options go here


Pick the train for a fuss free connection to Sandton

Splurge on a luxury car (A Ferrari for $200! pd) for some fun


Visit the Forways Farmers Market for what you would imagine a farmers market to be like

 44 Stanley St has an enclave of restaurants and boutique shops to frequent during the day and sometimes at night


Fashion magazine for what an idea of what people are talking about in S.A go to Elle

Hottest S.A.sounds check out Nandi

What the locals get up to during the week visit  hyde park


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