Am I Dreaming? Fraser Island Perfection

We all get proven wrong from time to time. Having seen a great chunk of what Australia has on offer, I didn’t really think there was any more. Tucked away in the eastern corner of Queensland is a pretty big island. Aboriginal Australians in their isolation used to eat people that mistakenly thought it was a Colonial port.

This dark past really makes you wonder about Fraser Island. Can anything really survive on a giant sand bar besides dingoes. While there are a few resorts located on the island most visitors either hire a four wheel driver or book a seat on one of the many tourist operators to have a quick look.


We set out at 6am from Hastings St in Noosa and drove a good two hours along the beach to reach Hervey Bay. Loaded onto a barge we landed onto the white sandy shores in 10 minutes. Which was a nice surprise after a long drive.

Fraser Island is huge, there’s no two ways about it. Attempting to see all of it in a day is not something I would do unless you are happy to storm about the place.


Next we dive into the forest and the count down begins for the real reason we came, Lake Mckenzie. The roads are non existent and we bounce around like no tomorrow but were in it for the long hall at this point. There is plenty to appreciate, with some of the tallest and straightest trees you can ever see and just being close to nature.

The moment we have all been waiting for as we pull up to a car park, pick up our picnic baskets stroll down to the beach. Low and behold is the most perfect lake I have ever seen. Could I be dreaming? Well the water is a little icy but on a warm winters day there is no holding back the buzzing beach where visitors perch for an hour or so before their transport leaves.Frazer Island

Exhilarated, refreshed and in awe as we make our way back to the four wheel drive. I would be back in a heartbeat if there was a quicker way to get there.


We used Fraser Island Adventure Tours

If you have some serious driving skills hire 4WD  and catch the ferry. There is a tow truck that charges a small fortune to lift you out of the sand if you get stuck


You don’t have to stay on Fraser island and boarding a ferry is very easy to do

There are a few resorts on Fraser island but they are pretty basic however there are a few options on airbnb available

Camping is a better option for a experience that is closer to nature, you will need to get a permit for your car and also stay (there are dingoes on the island and would not be a good idea if you have children)


Bring your own picnic as the food on the tour bus is not great and there aren’t any other food options


Take your walking shoes as there are a few walks you can do

Swim in Lake McKenzie

Check the weather for a sunny day


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