The Call of Adventure

You can dedicate a lifetime to visiting all 196 counties that were created by wars, settlers or explorers. No one is taking it upon themselves to create new lands, unless you can count China building islands in their south sea. No one really knows what is going on there.

The world is a marvelous place to travel and is worth far more than the coin you throw at it. I remember booking my first trip to Europe and the thought of spending close to $3000 on a airline ticket was unseemly. You could buy three pairs of Christian Louboutin’s instead, priorities right.

Still to this day nearly a decade on, I am still obsessed with travel and escapades though mysterious locations. ‘To travel is to live’, immortalised by HCA and I really believe that is possible. I can’t think of a moment where that is more true.

Think about it. If all you ever did was visit your regular shopping mall to get groceries. Take the bus to work and eat at your favourite restaurant. Would you really be satisfied with that.

The possibilities of something new, experiences, wonder – are what drive us forwards. Curiosity of the unknown. And boldness to go beyond what you know. These are all hallmarks of the call of adventure.

The caveat is that it’s seriously addictive and once you get a taste of it, stopping is out of the question. We live in a great big kaleidoscope of cultures, tastes, tradition and values. The world is a remarkable place and now onward to planning your next adventure.



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